Yamaha RN803 Receiver

Yamaha RN803 Receiver


Yamaha RN803 Receiver

In today’s edition of Ray’s Blind Review I have an excellent audio solution for you, the Yamaha R-N803 Receiver, a stereo receiver that does it all. Yamaha is a company that caters to musicians, as they manufacture a multitude of musical instruments.

They know how music should sound, as the instruments they manufacture demonstrate this. This technology is put into their entire stereo and surrounds receivers as well. The research and development team is so sophisticated at Yamaha, that they even can hear the subtle differences when one capacitor is changed in a receiver, that is how meticulous they are.


The front panel is made of aluminum, this is very important, as it eliminates a lot of interference caused by electrical lines and devices neared the receiver.

The RN803 boast 145 WATS per channel with 0.019% THD Total harmonic distortion. This receiver has a phono input for those of us who still love to play vinyl, if we want to stream our favorite audio, no problem this brings back memories of my younger days when everyone had great stereo receivers.

Phono Input
The RN803 is equipped with Bluetooth, Airplay and Wi-Fi. You can access virtually any service you would like including Pandora, Tidal and even SiriusXM internet radio to name just a few.


This receiver has something that no other stereo receiver has, YPAO which has only been found in Yamaha surround sound receivers until recently. YPAO stands for Yamaha Parametric Room Acoustics Optimization. The YPAO technology precisely measures room acoustics so as to make a perfect listening environment. YPAO can also make crucial volume adjustments and utilize a technology called Reflected Sound control. When you listen to music or a movie on the RN803, you are virtually in a professional sound room rather than at home.

The symmetrical Left Right circuit layout of the amplifier is another crucial step Yamaha has taken when designing the RN803. This symmetrical layout of the amplifier is only found in Yamaha’s very high end surround receivers.

Symmetry of circuitry in an amplifier produces a pure audio signal with no degradation to the sound. You hear the sound as it was meant to be heard.

The symmetrical layout uses the shortest direct signal path when processing the incoming sound. This further reduces any loss in the quality of the audio coming into the receiver. Yamaha goes even further. They make the Chassis out of a special resin which dampens vibration. This enhances your stereo imaging and makes the sound much more lifelike. The technology in the resin is called frame 'Art Base'.

Using Pure Direct Mode, the RN803 can bypass the tone, balance and loudness which allow the signal to go directly to the amplifier without any tone coloration. This is nice when you want to hear the exact recording quality of the sound or movie track without doing any adjustments with the receiver.

 Pure Direct Mode

The RN803 uses a 192 kHz/24-bit Digital to analog converter or DAC. This is helpful to establish the best signal to noise ratio. The RN803 has an optical and digital coaxial input for HD TV’s, Blu-ray players, and CD players etc.

This converter works with the Yamaha Original Network module in the RN803 as well. This module processes all of the information that is streamed to the receiver. The Network module coupled with the Sabre 9006SA DAC produces as Yamaha says pure Sonic quality whatever music is streamed to the receiver.

Sabre 9006SA


I think this receiver is one of the best stereo receivers I have ever listened to. Its superior construction and ease of use are certainly a plus and this receiver combines design simplicity with high tech audio advancements. Whether you're just playing a phonograph record, listening to a CD, playing your favorite movie, or streaming an audio source, this receiver brings together the old with the new, creating an easy audio solution for all of your needs.

Play anywhere capabilities