Definitive Technologies and Klipsch Outdoor Speakers

Klipsch AWR-650 in landscape


Outdoor Speakers

The speaker is indeed a definitive factor in determining the sound of our audio system. Speakers have been manufactured in many shapes and designs throughout the years. There are floor standing, bookshelf, and satellite speaker configurations. All of these types have graced the presence of many at home. Depending on the size and configuration of the room, many times this determines what type of speakers we will be using. If we are cramped for space, a bookshelf or on or in-wall set of speakers with a powered sub in a corner may be the answer. If space is no object floor standing speakers and powered subs could lend itself to a rich room filling sound. The types of speakers are virtually up to the listener depending upon his or her needs. There is yet another realm of the speaker that needs to be addressed.

What if our room is our outdoor living space? This rooms dimension is that infinite space between earth and sky. This room has no walls, and no ceiling for the sound to resonate off from. We are limited here only by the boundaries of our property that we want to fill with music. This room has built in acoustics of nature as well as acoustics generated by objects in the immediate area, such as other houses, structures, and fences etc. This room is subject to the fury of nature’s elements so these speakers have a big job in store for them.

Summer is finally here. The long cold winter is over and all of us are ready for some serious outdoor fun. One thing that lends itself to a warm summer day is music. True, we can carry our Bluetooth speakers or other internet standalone players outdoors, but what if we want really powerful sound that envelops our whole outdoor living space with music. In this instance, we need outdoor speakers specially designed to do this job. All of these speakers can connect to a standard stereo or surround receiver. The receiver can be inside the house or in an enclosed area outdoors. We have many types of these speakers to discuss today so let’s dive right in. There are primarily two types of outdoor speakers. One type mounts on the structure such as the house or building. It is a good idea when mounting these speakers that there be an overhang to somewhat shield them from the weather. Let us establish however, that outdoor speakers can stand many adverse weather conditions, but it is still a good idea to mount them under the overhang of the existing structure. The other type of outdoor speakers is the free standing ones. These can be anchored in the ground or placed on a patio or deck. This type is made to be left right out in the weather to withstand the elements. Both types of speakers have their advantages. It just depends on your preference.

I am going to discuss three different speakers that are made for the outdoors. All of these models are excellent and can provide a great listening experience.


The first is Definitive Technologies AW6500. This set of speakers is of the type that needs to be mounted such as under the overhang. As we know, definitive technology offers many great speakers for the home, including models with powered subs built right in. The AW6500 has a 6.5 inch driver which is coupled to a 5/1/2 x 10 inch racetrack shaped radiator which makes the driver sound greater than a 10 inch woofer. This gives plenty of bass for your outdoor living space. Remember, you have no wood or tile floor to radiate the bass. It has to be done by the speaker alone. This speaker also has a fully sealed enclosure constructed of a Polly stone material augmented with a sealed aluminum grill. The mounting brackets are interesting as well. They have a full 360 degree of rotation, thus making it possible to point the driver toward the listening area. The bass radiator in turn faces either the wall or the ground, thus always keeping a tight bass. This rotational ability of the bracket enables the speaker to adapt to the toughest acoustical environments. Let me tell you, the definitive AW6500 can be played loud, and I mean really loud. Their power handling is up to 200 watts per channel. This can accommodate any listening area. Because of the aluminum sealed grill and Polly stone enclosure, these speakers can stand up to extreme weather conditions.


The next set of speakers I will discuss is the Klipsch AW-525. These rugged outdoor gems are mountable also. They offer the same great sound as all of the Klipsch line does. As usual, these speakers incorporate Klipsch’s registered tractrix horn tweeter for good clean highs. As I have so often said before, Klipsch speakers sound like a live concert. With the horn and woofer, you get the impression that you are at a live concert as the sound is projected just like a concert PA system. Besides the 1 inch tweeter in the horn, there is a 5.25 inch woofer that delivers unprecedented bass. The whole cabinet is UV resistant and the grill is noncorrosive, making this capable for many years of rigorous outdoor use. Use these speakers and you can have a concert in your backyard every night. Don’t be afraid to turn them up as they can handle 100 watts per channel. With Klipsch’s efficiency, rating, that’s a lot. Klipsch takes very little to drive their speakers; therefore all of your 100 watts are used to the fullest extent.


The final speaker I would like to discuss is the Klipsch AWR-650. This does not fit on the overhang but sits directly on the ground or patio. The AWR-650 comes in a granite or sandstone finish. This speaker is capable of producing 2-channel stereo sound in one speaker. If you want to use the AWR-650 as a pair, they can be wired in left or right channel mono if desired. Usually, when using the speakers in this fashion, it would mean that you had a large area to cover. Otherwise the 2-channel way is fine. This model has a 6.5 inch polymer woofer with dual voice coils. It also has dual 3.4 inch polymer tweeters to accommodate the 2-channel stereo in one speaker cabinet. These speakers have a UV resistant finish to make them last for years of enjoyment. The easy placement of these speakers makes them ideal for in the garden, on the patio or around the pool. Because they are on a flat surface, they get great bass. Naturally, the famous Klipsch tweeter projects the highs seamlessly. The AWR650 adds to the décor of your outdoor living space. This is a great solution if you don’t want to mount speakers on your house.

You owe it to yourself to come in and purchase an outdoor speaker system. This will make your summer much more enjoyable. Let our team of expert installers put the system together for you. All you have to do is sit back and relax. Stereo Advantage will take care of everything. Happy summer!