Coastal Source Outdoor Speakers

Coastal Source Outdoor Speakers


Coastal Source Speakers

The summer is the season for fun. It is noted for barbecues, beaches, walks and so many wonderful other things that are too numerous to mention. Let’s talk about our living space. Our backyard is an extension of our home in those warm summer months. It is that limitless space between earth and sky that we have for hours of enjoyment. When in our yard, we want to enjoy music just as we do in our home. In a previous installment of Ray’s Blind Review, I wrote about the wonderful selection of outdoor speakers that are available so we can enjoy our audio when outdoors. Today, I would like to continue this discussion. We are going to take a giant step in the world of outdoor sound where no man has gone before. You are probably wondering, how much better outdoor sound can get. There are excellent outdoor speakers as I mentioned in my previous review, so why do we need to go any further.

Let us enter the world of Coastal Source. Coastal source is a manufacturer of outdoor audio, which includes speakers, amplifiers and lighting. Coastal Source is a unique company in outdoor entertainment. There are those who enjoy very high end audio in their homes. You will see people with top of the line receivers and very high end speakers. This is what Coastal Source does for your outdoor living space. Their speakers and amplifiers are not your average models, but high end yet affordable. This coupled with Coastal Source’s excellent lighting, turns your backyard into a luxury haven for your summer enjoyment. Nothing like this has ever been done in the history of outdoor living.


This company has so much to offer. First, let’s discuss the Ellipse Bollard line of speakers. These can be used for direct burial applications or above ground, which ever you prefer. The 3-way Ellipse Bollard is the only true full range single point source speaker. This speaker has plenty of bass and under normal conditions, doesn’t need a sub-woofer, though sub-woofers are available from Coastal Source if need be. This speaker has an 8 inch sub that is in a large enclosure. It allows for excellent bass. The Tweeter is pivotal, making it possible for precise direction to ensure clarity wherever you are. This speaker is also set up to be biamped if desired. It means you can deliver a separate signal to the sub and one to the the midrange and tweeter. The 3-way Ellipse Bollard is the top of the line in this group of speakers. They are built of material that can stand the harshest of weather conditions as are all of Coastal Source speakers. It is made to be abused and played loud with virtually no distortion. This speaker as with all of Coastal Source speakers can be installed with a conventional system or with one of Coastal Source’s fantastic amplifiers which we will discuss later.


If you don’t want to go for such a large speaker as the 3-way Ellipse Bollard, you can always get the smaller versions like the 2-way Ellipse Bollard or the Mini Ellipse Bollard, depending on your requirements. They still offer excellent materials that will stand up to any weather condition. Both of these speakers can be paired with the Pollard sub-woofers to add a full range of bass. The sub-woofer is very stylish, so it can fit into your outdoor living space with ease. It is constructed of the same material as the Ellipse series of speakers. This sub-woofer can be used with all the Ellipse series; however the 3-way Ellipse really doesn’t need one. The 2-way Ellipse and the Mini Ellipse Bollard work well with a sub-woofer for added bass.


This is only the beginning of our journey into this incredible outdoor entertainment system. Coastal source makes speakers that integrate with their outdoor lighting as well. The Modulus Bullet speakers are a decorators dream. They are a brass fixture that blends right in with your lights. Imagine having a beautiful brass fixture with lights and a speaker inside. It will look great and sound excellent. Just like the Modulus Bullet speakers there is the Coastal Source Bullet speaker. This contains a 3-inch Coaxial Driver and will blend in with all other Coastal source fixtures. This is a speaker only. It has an entirely sealed enclosure with a clear cone so as to prevent heat buildup. It also contains a crossover to ensure only the correct frequencies are getting through.


Coastal source also makes one of the finest rock speakers on earth. They have taken great care in designing these speakers as they always do. They come with hand laid fiberglass enclosures, Coastal Coated™ grills, polypropylene 8 ohm drivers and stainless steel hardware. There are two models of the rock speaker. One has an 8 inch speaker and one has a 6.5. They can add a great look around your pool or in your garden. I assure you, people and wildlife alike will love the sound of them.


As I have said before, the Coastal Source speakers can be used with any system. They do however make their own proprietary amplifiers that are very high end and unlike anything used for an outdoor system before. The CAS700/3 is one of those amplifier systems. This amplifier will handle a set of stereo speakers and a sub-woofer. There is 300 watts going to the sub and200 WATS going to each speaker. This gives you a total of a 3-channel 700 wat amplifier, more than enough power to fill the largest outdoor area with music. The case is made of Polycarbonate and stainless steel. It has a lid that screws down to make it waterproof. This amplifier can be kept outdoors, providing it is in a shaded area. There is a built in crossover to ensure that the bass goes directly to the sub-woofer, and the rest of the signal goes to the stereo speakers. This makes for a perfect sounding system.

Another option Coastal source has in their outdoor systems is the turtle. This is a unit with a 500 watt marine amplifier and crossover plus a 10 inch sub-woofer built in. It also contains an apple airport express for streaming your favorite music. You can simply sit on your lawn chair and stream your favorite tunes through your Coastal Source system.


If you really want to move the earth, you can also use the Bollard 18.0 sub-woofer with the 12.0 lines source speakers. This is a 15 inch sub in a cabinet with a 4th order bandpass enclosure. This has a frequency response of 30 to 100 Hz. It is 37 inches high, 18 inches in diameter and weighs 84 pounds. It can handle up to 600 watts. This sub can be buried up to the point just below the grill. With this sub-woofer, your neighbors will think there is an earthquake starting. This system will not only entertain you, but your whole neighborhood.


The final aspect of the Coastal Source products is their patented Plug+Play system of cabling. If you are using a Coastal Source amplifier, you can literally plug the speakers into the amp. You don’t have to worry about polarity or getting the speakers out of phase. The priority plugs have a great fit, so there are no worries of getting a short or faulty connection. This Plug+Play system makes it easy for technicians and consumers alike when installing a full Coastal Source system. The Plug+Play system gives you years of reliability as you never have to check connections. They will always stay secure and virtually stay free of corrosion.


Coastal Source has raised the bar in outdoor entertainment. They have brought audiophile quality to the outdoors. People never thought that sound could be so good when being outside. Everyone thinks that because the outdoors are lacking the acoustical properties of a building, that we must sacrifice sound. This is not true when using a whole Coastal Source system. Instead of the open spaces lessening the quality of sound, Coastal Source systems allow the outdoors to enhance the sound. Come in and let us show you how you can make your backyard into a sound theater.