Bose soundbar 700

BOSE soundbar 700


BOSE soundbar 700

In today’s addition of Ray’s Blind Review, we will discuss the soundbar 700 and its complement of products that work seamlessly together, forming an audio video solution for the whole house.

Bose has been a pioneer in audio video systems for years. Naturally, they have some great soundbar options. These soundbars are more than just a soundbar. They are part of a broader audio video solution.

Back in the day, it started with the console stereo, components system, boom box, Walkman and various other devices for enjoying our music then surround sound was introduced to us via Dolby pro logic which evolved into Dolby digital and then Dolby Atmos. The soundbar has now entered into the audio video realm of listening as well. This incorporates a single bar of speakers that gives the listener virtual surround sound without the added work of wiring speakers throughout the room.

I must confess, being a audiophile that my preference has always been for a full system with separate components and speakers. This idea has changed over the last few years, as some of the new soundbars are absolutely fantastic.  For the remainder of this article, I will refer to the Bose products in my discussion as an audio video solution rather than a audio video system. The S700 and its family of products can provide a system that will fulfill every need in your home relating to sound.

Let’s start off with the BOSE SOUNDBAR 700  Before you even hear the music your captivated by the stunning look of the cabinet. It has a tempered glass top, wraparound metal grill and a sleek shape. The S700 looks great and adds to any room décor before you even listen to it.

The real surprise is when you play a movie or listen to music. Movies have a rich lifelike sound. The bass is excellent and ambiance is great. There is a beautiful surround effect that puts you right in the middle of the action. One feature that I noticed is that the dialogue is extremely clear. It is very important that the voice is separate from the music and sound effects when watching a movie and the s700 does just that, in fact all Bose products are known to bring out great dialogue in movies and such.  This is an affordable way of getting excellent audio video in a small sleek package.

It has hdmi In and out, with ARC, ARC is when a signal from your television can go back up the hdmi into the sound source. This is typically useful when using the smart features on your TV. The S700 also has the optical input which simply allows you to plug into the back of your TV’s audio out. The intuitive remote lets you manage all of your components, thus eliminating many of your other remotes.

Bose also includes their famous AdaptiQ as part of the S700. The AdaptiQ calibrates the soundbar to the specific room. Simply use the included AdaptiQ mic in various parts of your room and let the soundbar do the rest.

As with all of the new Bose family, amazon’s Alexa is included as well. You can control all the features we know and love with our amazon Echo’s right on the S700 and its other family of components. Get your favorite news, weather, games and all the other features you have come to know on the amazon Echo. The S700 has an 8 microphone array built in. This means, even if you are playing your music very loud, Alexa will still here you if you issue a command.  

The S700 like the rest of the new Bose products incorporates the Bose music app. This is a unique app that allows you to manage all of your music such as Spotify and Pandora ETC. You can stream music to the S700 or any other Bose devices you have in your home. Bose had this concept called Soundtouch on their previous components. The Bose Music app isn’t compatible with the Soundtouch app. The new app is much more intuitive and has a broader spectrum of applications in regard to manageability.

All the Bose family of speakers is Bluetooth compatible as well. The S700 has three ways you can control it the are: voice through Alexa,  universal remote & the Bose Music app. If this isn’t enough, the S700 can be expanded in a few ways. You can add the wireless Bass module 700 which is a subwoofer that will deliver thunderous bass to

your S700. Just like the soundbar, the bass module 700 looks elegant as well. It also has a glass top which is like a piece of furniture. It connects wirelessly to your s700. This process is a snap.

One interesting attribute of this sub-woofer is the process Bose calls Quiet Port technology. This allows you to play music at a high volume without sacrificing clarity in the bass. It virtually eliminates distortion in the bass.  Would you believe you can add another bass module to the S700 if you want? Imagine having not one but two subs pounding out bass while listening to music or watching movies.

There is still more you can do with the S700. You can add the Bose surround speakers.This gives you full surround sound with front, center and the separate rear speakers. The rear speakers are completely wireless as well, just like the subwoofer. Simply connect it like the subwoofer and you are ready to go.


I would now like to review another part of the Bose family that would integrate with the S700 group that I just spoke about. This is the Bose Home Speaker 500. This is a standalone speaker for playing all of your music. This will stream just like the S700 does. It also has a built in Alexa for voice control. Pick a song and ask Alexa to play it depending on the service you have. Remember, you can integrate this with an S700 or other Home Speaker 500’s in your home. Use the Bose Music app and play the same or different songs on each device.

The design of the Home Speaker 500 is excellent. It is made of sturdy anodized aluminum, which gives it a sleek look. The key to the great sound is its two drivers that point in opposite directions. I would like to discuss this for a moment. Having the drivers placed this way, gives it a very wide stereo sound. Even though it is one cabinet, it sounds like two separate stereo speakers playing separate left and right channels. You don’t normally get this type of stereo separation with a single cabinet such as this. The bass is very dynamic on the speaker as well. It fills a large room very nicely. Even if it is turned up it doesn’t distort. Put a few of these around your home and you will have whole house audio without all of the wires that other systems need.

Just think if you had an S700, two bass modules, surround speakers and some Home Speaker 500’s. What a solution you would have for all of your audio and video needs. By the way, there also is an S500 soundbar with the same features as the 700, in case you would like a smaller one for perhaps a master bedroom.  Take the plunge and get the whole family of Bose products. It will be a lifelong solution to your sound needs. Experience the ecstasy of sound throughout your whole house.