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Bose Frames

Summer will soon be upon us. That means barbecues, beaches hiking and music. There is also the joy of getting out our favorite summer clothes for that special look we all crave in the warm months ahead. One part of that look is wearing sun glasses. Sun glasses not only protect us from those harmful UV rays, but they make a definitive statement. They help define who we are. Wearing a pair of sun glasses makes people take notice which can change our life. We do however; need that special pair of glasses to make that statement. Not any pair will do. It has to be a pair that brings out our looks to their fullest. Plus protecting us from the sun’s rays. Summer is the time of the year when people take notice of us the most. Sunglasses are one of the most if not the single important piece of wearable items that make us stand out in a crowd. You very often hear that a person looked good and really looks cool in his or her sun glasses.

What if we could have a pair of sun glasses that made a great statement, felt really comfortable and sounded great besides. You are probably wondering how this could be possible as sunglasses are a static object. Up until now they have been used for looks and UV protection.

Bose has come up with a unique idea. In today’s addition of Ray’s Blind Review, I would like to discuss a truly amazing piece of wearable equipment. Bose always pioneers innovative ideas in the world of sound. Now they have merged sound and fashion together. Enter the Bose Frame, the most fantastic pair of sunglasses on earth and probably in all other parts of the solar system as well. The Bose Frames are a pair of sunglasses that look great and allow you to listen to music while wearing them. You are probably thinking that they are glasses with headphones attached to them. In other words, just glasses and headphone combination. This is definitely not the case. Bose always has a surprise in store for us. The Bose Frame is not only a surprise but a true marvel in electronic technology.


The Bose Frame has no headphones attached to it, but sounds excellent. You are probably wondering how this is possible. These sunglasses have speakers built into them. The speakers are nothing like you have ever seen before. You can hear the music, but people around you virtually can’t hear anything. You wear nothing over your ears, just the glasses.

Bose calls this concept Open Ear Audio. The music is all around you, yet you can and are aware of your surroundings as well. You can talk to people on a busy street yet hear your music at the same time. The music is loud and clear and so are people’s voices and the noise from the immediate area. You can exist in two different worlds at the same time. You could be in a meeting at the office and still have your favorite tunes jamming in your ears. Other people wouldn’t even be aware that you are listening as they wouldn’t hear the music, just don’t tell your boss.

The Bose Frame is Bluetooth enabled. It has a range up to 30 feet from your phone or tablet when streaming music to it. The Bose Frames also have a microphone built in so you can take hands-free phone calls.


Another feature is the Bose Connect app. With this app you can access a concept Bose calls Augmented Reality or AR. This can be used with the Bose Frames as well as many of wearable products made by Bose. I think it will really be an enhancement of the Bose Frames as there are so many applications that are available. I would like to discuss just a few of these. First of all, when you download the Bose Connect app, there are Augmented Reality or AR apps you can download within this app. I would like to touch on some of the Augmented Reality Bose has to offer. Think if you were at a concert and want to know who is coming out on stage next or what the songs will be. There is an AR app for this. If we are traveling, and want to know places of interest there is an app for this as well. The Purpose of AR apps is that it lets you enjoy things without having to look at your phone or tablet screen all the time. If we are traveling, we wouldn’t have to keep looking down at our phone. We could just enjoy our trip and the app would tell us points of interest and things about the area we were visiting. There are navigational apps available also. They aren’t like your conventional app that says turn left in 2 miles. This app will say for example, turn left at the McDonalds ahead. It gives you very specific directions rather than just general ones like other GPS apps do. There are also AR apps that let you play virtual reality games. You use body movement and follow directions. You could be a secret agent searching for a spy while sitting at your swimming pool. Think of how nice that would be. You could be playing the game while getting a suntan and drinking some cool lemonade at the same time.

Bose has allocated funding for this AR technology. They are very serious about promoting this with their products. I think this could be indeed huge as there are so many applications for the augmented reality concept. I know that when going to an event, I would definitely enjoy having an app telling me what is going on. I wouldn’t have to ask anyone as the app would take care of this for me.

The Bose frame coupled with the AR apps can make your life more organized and simplified. Also they make people take notice as you will look great in them.  
The Bose Frames can run for three to three and one half hours on a single battery charge. Enjoy a full afternoon without having to charge the glasses back up.
Now that we have discussed the many amazing features related to the sound of the Bose Frames, let’s talk about their unique look. First off, they come in different styles. The Alto’s are a square type of frame which look great depending on the type of look you are looking for. The Rondo’s are a round frame which are excellent as well. You create your own unique look depending on the glasses you choose. You can also interchange lenses with the many different varieties Bose has to offer. Did we mention, besides all of these features, the Bose Frames do in fact offer excellent UVA protection against the sun.

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Featured: (Left) Alto Bose Frame, (Right) Rondo Bose Frame


I think the Bose Frame can be an integral part of our world. When you wear them you will feel special and I assure you, people will take notice. You will stand out in a crowd as being very cool indeed.

I found the audio to be very good. I don’t think they sound like a large stereo, however they are nice and spacious and room filling. The amazing thing that stands out when I listen to them is that you are in two worlds a world of audio and still aware of your surroundings. There are better headphones out there by Bose, but none can achieve what the Frames can do. This dual world concept is unique on to the frames and has never been duplicated. The Bose Frames will surely change your life in more ways than one. Come in and experience them for yourself.